Michael Jackson’s Neverland Collection

Presented before you is a truly unique once-in-a-lifetime collection, suitable for royalty! Michael Jackson, a king himself – The King of Pop, knew that and this is why he collected and displayed these pieces of art throughout his famed and magical Neverland Ranch.

All of these items represent Michael’s style and exquisite taste. He was particularly fond of bronze sculptures, and a great deal of them are part of this collection.

Featuring twenty-eight pieces of art, it was acquired by a private collector who is now willing to part with it. You have the opportunity to proudly own a piece of history. To experience part of Michael’s kingdom, to embellish your home with or even to display the items in an exhibition for everyone to enjoy – your imagination is the limit.

It is a chance to get something truly remarkable! The collection is unlike any other in the world.

Pieces can be bought separately. Refer to the prices below each item and send us an offer!

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Kids and Tree Swing

Sculptor: Giovanni P., 20th century.

A life-size statue of 5 children in a tree, with one of them sitting on a moving swing. The statue is signed: “Giovanni P. Las Vegas, Nevada.”

Size: 90″ x 64″ (228 x 162.5 cm)

Follow the Leader

A bronze figural statue, depicting four children and a dog, walking across a log. With foliate protrusions from a rock form base.

Size: 56″ x 91.5″ x 55″ (142 x 232 x 140 cm)

Marble Roman Bust

A mixed color marble bust of a Roman nobleman, attached to a square stepped socale.

Height: 38″ (96.5 cm)

Napoleon Crossing the Alps

An enormous modern polychrome patinated bronze version of Jaques-Louis David’s famous painting, featuring Napoleon on a rearing horse with a billowing red cape and upraised arm, with a cannon at his feet. Mounted on a green rectangular base.

Size: 69″ x 47.5″ x 20.5″ (175 x 120.6 x 52 cm)

Wandering Woman

Sculptor: X. Raphanel (French, 20th century), a bronze statue of a peasant woman in a dress.

Size: 25″ x 9.4″ (63.5 x 24 cm)

Cupid and Psyche

Sculptor: Pancel Debut, 20th Century, a huge bronze statue of Cupid and Psyche, signed “Parcel Debut” on the base.

Size: 81″ x 33″ x 30″ (206 x 84 x 76 cm)

Cupid with Bow and Arrow

R. Aurili (Italian, 19th Century), a life-size bronze statue of Cupid holding a bow and arrow.

Note: Needs repair.

Size: 41″ x 33″ (104 x 84 cm)

Young Boy and Companion

20th Century, life-size bronze figural group of a boy playing tug-of-war with a dog. Variegated brown patination.

Size: 64″ x 52″ (162.5 x 132 cm)

Boy Playing Hand Bell ($20 000) – SOLD

Sculptor: T. de Matteis, 20th Century. Variegated patinated bronze statue featuring a boy playing a hand bell. Signed “T. de Matteis.”

Size: 49″ x 32″ (124.5 x 81 cm)

Monumental Ship Model

A large-scale wooden model of a three-mast tall ship, with a three-deck stern and canvas sails. This giant wooden ship model was a Christmas gift, given to Michael from his close friend and superstar, Elizabeth Taylor.

The two were known for giving extravagant gifts to each other, including an elephant for Michael and a 17 karat diamond ring for Elizabeth.

Size: 60″ x 25″ x 74″ (154 x 66 x 190.5 cm)

Gloria Victis (sold as a pair)

Sculptor: Antonin Mercié (French, 19th Century).

Two enormous parcel-gilt bronze statues, each mounted on a black marble socle. Signed “A.Mercié” on the bases. Additional casts of these statues can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and at the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

These statues adorned Michael Jackson’s living room at Neverland Ranch.

Size: Each statue is 99″ x 32″ (251.5 x 147.5 cm)

Bronze Sculptural Candelabra

A huge polychrome bronze sculpture featuring an angel holding a nine-light candelabra above a reclining man.

Size: 94″ x 30″ x 37″ (239 x 76 x 94 cm)

Kneeling Angel Torchiere

A single-light torchiere in the form of a kneeling angel on an octagonal base.

Size: 21.5″ x 11″ (54.6 x 28 cm)

The Footballer

Sculptor: Jim Davidson, 20th Century. A life-size variegated patinated bronze statue on a marble base featuring a young boy in a soccer uniform with his foot atop a soccer ball.

Size: 42″ x 21″ (107 x 53 cm)


Sculptor: Ramon Parmenter (American, 20th Century), #24/30, bronze statue of a little girl blowing bubbles, on a stone base. Signed and dated: “1993 Ramon Parmenter.”

Size: 45″ x 16″ x 23″ (114 x 41 x 58.5 cm)

A Couple of Chicks

Sculptor: Jim Davidson, 20th century, variegated patinated statue featuring a girl observing some chickens.

Size: 37″ x 22″ (94 x 56 cm)

Minnie Mouse

Brightly-colored plastic statuette of the classic Disney character, Minnie Mouse. One ear is missing.

Size: 10″ x 8″ x 6″ (25.4 x 20 x 15 cm)

Marilyn Monroe in Famous Pose

20th century, painted fiberglass figure of Marilyn Monroe with her billowing dress. Captures her famous pose over a New York subway gate from the 1955 film – “The Seven Year Itch”.

This statue used to be in Michael’s personal office.

Size: 66″ x 48″ x 31″ (168 x 123 x 79 cm)

Malachite Candelabras (sold as a pair)

A huge pair of malachite and gilt metal nine-light candelabras with elongated urn form, featuring figural mounts with foliage, flowers, dolphin, and shell bases.

Size: (height) 62″ (157 cm)

A Game of Catch

Sculptor: David Ginzton, 20th century, a bronze statue of a little boy about to throw a baseball. Signed and dated: “David Ginzton 92”, #71/80

Size: 33″ x 15″ x12″ (84 x 38 x 32 cm)

At the Pitcher

Sculptor: Jim Davidson, 20th century, life-size bronze statue on a marble base with variegated patination. Features a young boy in a pitcher’s windup.

Size: 40″ x 22″ (101.5 x 56 cm)

Rush Hour

Bronze statue, 20th century, depicting a boy on a toy car being followed by a girl. A well-known statue that can be seen in pictures and videos from Neverland.

Size: 33.5″ x 19″ x 38″ (85 x 48 x 89 cm)

Garden Font with Satyrs

Brass garden font, 20th century, featuring four winged figures and garland swags with satyrs on the base.

Size: 53″ x 49″ (134.5 x 124.5 cm)

Peasant w Vineyard Trellis ($20 000) – SOLD

20th century, a life-size statue of a peasant boy holding a vineyard trellis.

Size: 48″ (122 cm)

Seated Rennaisance Girl

20th century, huge marble statue of a Renaissance girl with long braided hair, seated, holding a casket. This statue was placed between the living room and the kitchen at Neverland Ranch.

Size: 63.3″ x 31.3” x 16” (160.6 x 79 x 40.6 cm)

Batter Up!

Sculptor: Jim Davidson, 20th century, a life-size bronze statue featuring a uniformed young boy in an “at bat” position.

Size: 41″ x 24” (105.5 x 61 cm)

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