Noble Art Lovers exclusively offers for sale gemstones of significant value. If you would like to consign a gemstone with us for sale, please consider that we might not be able to accommodate your request if your item is below a certain valuation threshold. Additionally, we will only accept to sell gemstones accompanied by a certificate from a recognized gemological laboratory.

Yellow Kunzite (Spodumene) – 428.36 carats
Asking price: $30,000

Kunzite (Spodumene)
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Type of GemKunzite (Spodumene) – Natural Stone
Carat Weight428.36 carats
ShapeOval (faceted)
Dimensions62.74 x 34,76 x 26.10 mm
ClarityNear Flawless
HueGolden Yellow
Secondary ColorOrange
SaturationModerate to Strong
CertificateAvailable upon request, triple certified

Huge Kunzite – 96.86 carats (Pink AAA)
Asking price: $5,000

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Type of GemKunzite (Spodumene)
Carat Weight99.86 carats
ShapeOval brilliant
Dimensions21.15 x 37.00 x 17.64 mm
ColorLight purplish-pink
CertificateAvailable upon request

Unique Imperial Topaz – 90.24cts – CGQ Certificate # 406/17342
Asking price: $40,000

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Type of GemImperial Topaz
Carat Weight90.24 carats
ShapeOval brilliant
Dimensions30.9 x 23.76 x 14.87 mm
ColorLight grayish brown and pale orange pink
CertificateAvailable upon request